Lubricants for Food Processing

Reliability is key in food processing. Avoid costly delays with advanced lubrication solutions by JAX. Our products offer a myriad of benefits, such as longer drain intervals, enhanced wear and corrosion protection, performance in high and low temperatures, and Micronox® antimicrobial technology for optimal lubricant protection. Explore our solutions below!

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Food Processing Segments

Our meticulously crafted range of lubricants, are engineered to meet the unique demands of different segments within the food processing industry. From bakery and dairy operations to meat processing and beverage production, our solutions are designed to ensure optimal machinery performance, longevity, and food safety. 

a machine is making cans in a factory

Packaging and Containers

a machine is making gold bars in a factory


pet food

Pet Food





a machine that is making fish in a tray

Fish and Seafood

workers in white coats are working on a conveyor belt

Fruit and Vegetables

a conveyor belt with many doughnuts on it


workers in protective clothing working on a chicken

Meat and Poultry

Featured Lubricants for Food Processing

Delve into our selection of featured products, each embodying a hallmark of excellence and innovation in food processing lubrication. Our premium lubricants are meticulously engineered to not only meet but exceed the rigorous demands of the food industry, ensuring your machinery operates at peak efficiency while adhering to the strictest safety standards. Explore the highlighted products below and discover how JAX Inc’s cutting-edge lubrication solutions can propel your operations.

Latest Insights: Nourishing Your Knowledge on Food Processing Lubrication

Explore our recent articles to understand the essential role of lubrication in food processing. Discover evolving trends and best practices from JAX experts, empowering you to optimize machinery performance and uphold food safety standards. Dive into the latest insights to stay informed.

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