JAX Pyro-Plate FGN-2

JAX Pyro-Plate FGN-2 is a high-performance, food-grade grease designed for demanding food plant applications. It features an advanced calcium sulfonate complex thickener and a high-viscosity polyalphaolefin base fluid, providing exceptional protection across a wide range of temperatures. The grease offers excellent water resistance, high and low-temperature performance, significant load-carrying ability, and effective rust and corrosion control. The product’s benefits include outstanding performance at extreme temperatures, both high and low, ensuring stability and reliability. It also exhibits exceptional extreme pressure and anti-wear characteristics, making it suitable for heavily loaded and slow-moving applications. The calcium sulfonate thickener system provides superior rust and corrosion protection, crucial for wet environments in food processing facilities. The grease maintains its water resistance even after sanitation processes. Applications for this grease include heavily loaded food plant machinery, fork trucks, conveyors, material handling equipment, presses, grain presses, and packaging machines. JAX Pyro-Plate FGN-2 is NSF H1 registered and kosher certified.

JAX Pyro-Plate FGN-2

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