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JAX INC. is a US-based lubricant manufacturer and global supplier of the highest quality synthetic, industrial, and food grade lubricants. We have been in business since 1955 and are proud to be a driving, innovative force in the lubrication of machinery and processes. We are not a major oil company, a satellite division of a multinational owner, or a piece of a venture capital portfolio. As a privately held company, we have the freedom and autonomy to compound lubricants without compromising superior performance for price.
What does that mean for you? It means that we are never distracted from our primary goal of helping our customers optimize their operations and achieve long-term success. From formulating new lubricants for unique processes to working closely with our customers on their maintenance plans, it is the hundreds of little and not-so-little things that set us apart.

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Our Values

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We are present for our customers, suppliers, and each other. This is demonstrated by our commitment to our people-first view that focuses on positive outcomes for everyone whose success relies upon us.

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We are consistently looking for what is next. Innovation is not simply discovering new technologies. It is executing on them for our customers and industry leaders to deliver advanced and reliable lubrication products and services. Our expert chemists, engineers, and technicians continually study and monitor the industries we serve to stay ahead of evolving trends.

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We are committed to the future of the industries we serve. We dedicate our time and resources to learning about the equipment we are protecting, the companies we are supplying, and the products we will produce together. We invest in our industry relationships, facilities, processes, and team, taking the extra steps required to equip our people with the knowledge and resources they need to identify and solve problems.

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We are driven by performance. We will not compromise on quality to hit a price point, timeline, or anything else that would negatively impact the quality of our products and services. We take very seriously the responsibility we are given in providing lubrication solutions that protect critical equipment, production lines and supply chains.

Why JAX Lubricants?

We know machinery. You know your business. We’re here to make sure both are operating efficiently.

Compounded with the finest raw materials and additive chemistries, JAX formulation decisions are based upon product quality and field performance leading to substantial cost savings through extended machine life, reduced downtime and increased production. 

Our field team reacts quickly to new opportunities and is motivated to solve lubrication issues with innovative tactics and novel chemistries.

The JAX RPM Laboratory

The science of lubrication chemistry and technology is continually evolving, which means the team behind our RPM laboratory is actively focused on innovation to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.
JAX RPM Laboratory activities fall into four core categories. 

Learn more about them below.

We recognize that our customers have unique needs and challenges. This means that products offered on the market may not always be the highest performing solution for a specific application.
We are driven to formulate the best lubricants for extended use. We evaluate factors for each specific application and ensure each of our products exceeds these requirements.

When a customer places an order with JAX, it is because they know that they will receive a top quality product. Therefore, each lubricant leaving our facilities must meet the highest standards set by our team.
Quality and consistency are critical. We test every raw material used and every batch produced so our customers receive the best product from us every time.

Our customers want to get the most out of their oil and equipment. Oil is the lifeblood of the machine. Like a doctor evaluating bloodwork, the scientists in the RPM Laboratory evaluate oils to make sure everything is in good working order.
Our used oil analysis program provides customers with key information so they can make decisions that improve performance, increase savings, and reduce downtime.

Our team of chemists and experienced technicians are available to deliver solutions that address your unique challenges. Connect with us via the contact links on our website or reach out to your local JAX representative to start the conversation.

Our Leadership team

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Kyle Peter


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Kurt Peter

Vice President of Operations

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Eric Peter

Director, CDO

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Steve Mattiacci

Vice President

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Don Mattran

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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Sue Becker

Vice President of Human Resources

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Chris Foti

Vice President of Technical

Evan Gillen

Evan Gillen

Vice President of Finance

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Erika Gayhart

Marketing Manager


We’re looking for the best talent to help us advance the science of lubrication.


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